Cut Strip Terminate Machines


AV Twist .15


According to one's needs, the machine can be equipped with a feeding system by belts, two Crimping units, two fluxing and tinning Stations, a Dual system, crimp force monitoring systems and marking system. As standard feature, this machine is equipped with automatic conveyor with batch sorting capability length up to 1.5m.

AM Strip .015

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This model includes as standard feature a longer conveyor tray system and it can be equipped up to three terminating stations or two terminating stations and one seal insertion, cover insertion or tinning station. Crimp force monitor can also be integrated to provide a crimp quality control. 

AM Strip .015

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CONTACT DWF can be equipped up to three terminating units or two terminating units and one seal insertion, sleeve insertion or tinning station.

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The CONTACT ST5 can produce standard both end crimping, double-crimp connections with three diffferent terminals or apply seals or sleeve on one or both end of the wire.


AM Strip .015

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CONTACT DWF5 can be equipped up to three terminating units and up to two seal or sleeve insertion units and tinning stations.

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The machine can accommodate crimping stations, tinnning and fluxing units, sleeve or seal insertion units, housing and IDC attachment and it can be equipped by a single, double or multiwire feeding system.

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This model can provide two wires of different color and/or section to improve the performances of this machine.  CONTACT DWF TR can be equipped with terminating units, tinning stations, seal or sleeve insertion units, housing or IDC connectors attachment units.

AM Strip .015

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