Good for you for being in the right place at the right time. 28mm WWII All codes marked with an asterix* have variable heads within the code. The .30- and .50-caliber guns were replaced by 20-mm. (938.5 kg) ad the Common Type 3 IS of 2,072 lbs. There are a total of [ 39 ] WW2 Japanese Guns (1939-1945) entries in the Military Factory. Extremely ineffective Developed based on the French Hotchkiss AA gun, the Japanese Type 96 25 mm AT/AA Gun was intended to fulfill light and medium AA role. Bore: 25 mm: Weight: 253 lbs. Although it was technically designed to be used as an anti-aircraft gun, the Type 96 had a gun elevation range from -10 to 85 degrees meaning that it could just as well engage ground targets and with great success it was oftentimes used in this role. Its breech is semi-auto and although very similar to the PAK is not as complicated. All of our replica WW2 weapons are high-quality recreations of the real thing! This stunning lack of an adequate medium automatic AA weapon, coupled with inferior fire control, proved to have dire consequences for Japanese surface units as the war progressed. £1.65. Great additions to your 15mm Jap forces Clint. WW2 JAPANESE ARISAKA TYPE 99 LAST DITCH 7.7MM INFANTRY RIFLE. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). These guns weighted 100 tons (101.6 mt) and fired several types of ammunitions: In the interwar, the APC Type 3, 5 or 6 of 2,205 lbs. This is a complete list of weapons deployed on Japanese combat aircraft during the Second World War. Originally designed for use on ships, the Type 89 was also placed in dual mounts at land installations. There were basically two eras which divided this lineage: The ww1 series, with their typical “toothbrush” hull style, close to the German model, and which lasted in construc… I Suspect if it were any other nation I could not have gotten them so cheap. Strap more guns to ships, 20mm to 40mm. 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Guns, USS Bremerton. In this article will be exposed all the destroyer types used by the IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) during the second world war. Luckily I do but I now many wargames do not. IJN Shinano’s AA peaked with 145 25-mm guns and 12 rocket launchers. I wish it were more often! … All original and matching (except bolt) superior example of this late WW2 Nagoya Arsenal production rifle. From the early 1930s to August 1945, these fought in China, Indonesia, Southern Asia and the Pacific. Captured Japanese AA Gun Okinawa pacific Site statistics: Photos of World War II: over 26800 aircraft: 63 models tanks: 59 models vehicles: 59 models guns: 3 models units: 2 ships: 47 WW2 battlefields - 12 weapon models: - equipment: - people: - books in reference section: over 500 World War Photos 2013-2020, contact: info(at) Mountain guns were also used because of their ability to be broken down and carried by pack animals. All AA Guns AT Guns Field Artillery Infantry Guns Medium/Heavy Artillery Mountain Guns. ceiling. Do-it-yourself gun and gear builds Archive. Also similar to gun supplied to China. no comments The most common Anti-Aircraft gun used in World War 2 by the Japanese has arrived for your Bolt Action army and is ready to bring down the allies from the skies…. Having looked at the rules if they take AA guns they cannot take tanks or tankettes so I am not sure these will be often used. Austrian WW1 8cm fg m5 state/skoda. Japanese Artillery Japanese artillery regiments were equipped with 75mm field guns, 105mm field howitzers and 150mm heavy howitzers. While there were many variants of the Bofors AA gun, it generally had a fire rate of 120 rounds per minute, and a muzzle velocity of 853 meters per second. Description. Japanese Type 91 Projectile Dimensions. In 1945, most new production mounts were diverted to shore-based installations. This created a fully automatic aiming and fusing solution, unique at the time and deadly effective. Japanese naval ordnance was generally the equal of its Western counterparts. They were assisted by stockpiles of ammunition transferred from the USSR’s 1945 captures. 238 39. Japanese Ammunition, Guns and Mountings Definitions. Jump to Section: 28mm WWII | 28mm WWII. your excellent basing really adds to the mix too! Made with late WW2 expe ...Click for more info. Another_idoit Suffiently Stupid. The Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun (九二式重機関銃, Kyūni-shiki jū-kikanjū) was a Japanese heavy machine gun, related to the Hotchkiss machine gun series. British anti-aircraft weapons came in two classes, light and heavy. You have to remember that WWII started just at the beginning of the Age of Radar. The Japanese army used a number of different types of bombs during World War II, ranging from 15 to 500 kilograms. The Type 89 12,7cm (5-Inch) twin tube anti-aircraft gun was the standard AA gun of the large battleships and aircraft carriers of Imperial Japanese Navy during WWII. AA Guns; British AA Guns. One Luftwaffe study I seen said about 3300 88mm shells per bomber shot down. 20mm Type 98. The main gun in the light class was the 40mm Bofors, though 20mm Polstens and Oerlikons were issued. The Japanese also added large numbers of light antiaircraft guns to their ships as the war progressed, but these were generally not as effective as American weapons. So Luckily I am trying something obscure. TYPE 98 MACHINE CANNON. From the early 1930s to August 1945, these fought in China, Indonesia, Southern Asia and the Pacific. ^ It is interesting to note that, unlike most other naval guns, the Japanese apparently never developed incendiary shrapnel, ASW or even illumination rounds for this weapon, implying that it was solely intended for use as an AA weapon. The Coolest Guns From WWII (That You Can Still Buy) Deals of the Day: Hand-Picked Ammo & Firearm Discounts. WW2 Japanese tanks and armored cars. In 1924 the experimental fire-control system made a test campaign. Facebook. There are certainly times when you can pick up a great bargain on eBay. Japanese Naval Ordnance. Thank you Addict. I’m trying to locate similar studies by the Allied powers. Attempt to copy the Bofors perhaps. WW2 Rifles: Long Guns From World War 2 | Legacy Collectibles BE THE FIRST TO KNOW Some ships in 1945 had one bank of torpedo tubes removed to compensate for replacing two of their twin 40mm gun mounts with quad 40mm mounts. See more ideas about world war two, world war ii, military history. However I think a game needs to be played pretty soon before I Loose interest. 5"/62 Mark 45 Mod 4 (USA) Atago (2003) class. Go for larger magazines with a few hundred round drums rather than twenty round clips or strips. I did improve the Japanese guns for the US. Pages in category "Anti-aircraft guns of Japan" The following 15 pages are in this category, out of 15 total. The Joy of doing Pacific war is that so many things are very unusual. May have to start some Japanese tanks soon. ^ Common Type 0 HE was supplied with time fuzes for AA defense. NOTE: New threads by Staff only. Japanese WW2 47mm Type 1 Anti-Tank Gun. Their only fault was a rather short service life, the result of high muzzle velocity and a fast rate of fire. Lovely job Clint. Range : 8,200 yards 18,040 ft. max. IJA Type 90, 75mm field gun (15mm) £1.65. 28MM WWII ^ Top of Page ^ Jump to Section: ACCESSORIES | BRITISH COMMANDOS - Packs of 4 and single figures. Add to Basket. There are shipping restrictions on all replica firearms, be sure to check the firearm’s complete description for details. Photographs. … It fired 25 mm shells fed into the gun from 15 round each cartridges inserted into the top of th… The "Maximum Surface" and "AA Ceiling" figures above come from US Naval Technical Mission to Japan … The Japanese had a variety of large-calibre anti-aircraft guns, none of which really enter into the realm of the tabletop wargame. In the game it has no HE capability but the Anti Tank rating of 5. Thank you Andy. It nice to see stuff from the pacific Its not done very often and their are some really nice models out there it seems. One Imperial Japanese army WW2 Type 90, 75mm field gun in 15mm or 1:100 scale. Two, quad mounted AA guns and a… Heavy Cruiser Ship Anchor Korean War Royal Navy Barrels Battleship Foot Rest Ww2 Quad. The Japanese had a variety of large-calibre anti-aircraft guns, none of which really enter into the realm of the tabletop wargame. Most aircraft were being damaged by guns in the 20mm to 40mm class, the 25mm Hotchkiss being the most effective. The US Naval Technical Mission to Japan reported that the Japanese considered the 13 mm to be almost as reliable as the 25 mm, "since it is basically the same, but apparently not perfected to quite the same degree." New designs were taking the place of the old French based weapons and 105mm and 155mm had become the calibres found in field regiments. It does not happen all that often either. For the heavy AA. This list may not reflect recent changes . Length OA: 90.4 inches: Weight Projectile.6 lbs. (North Korean troops march with WWII PPSh--41 submachine guns in 2016.) IJA Type88 AA (15mm) One Japanese WW2 Type 88, 75mm Anti-aircraft gun in 15mm or 1:100 scale. Still I am not complaining. (15mm scale Japanese WW2). During WWII, the Japanese used this weapon in every theatre of the war and a good number were still intact in Korea in 1945. Modern Weapons. Cross-section of a 20 cm Type 91 APC. It is not intended to detail the career of each individual ship or expand on design details. All were mounted inboard of the medium-calibre guns. 1980 to Present. Thank you Bryan. Filters. Before the end of the war the regunning of destroyers was undertaken. During the Korean War, the same was true, and in the immediate aftermath very obsolete Soviet guns and the ex-Japanese weaponry was discarded,… View weapons from US, Japanese, and Nazi armies online at Legacy Collectibles. and what a bargain! She would serve until 1928 and as it became apparent Italy could not longer afford to maintain her fleet, chosed to sent her in reserved, and then scrapping from July 1, 1928. 76 mm/62 Compact. It has a layout almost identical to the German 3,7cm PAK 36, which was also in service with Japan. Nice work Clint! By the 1941 the American army and Marine Corps had standardised their artillery for WW2. Hypothetical Japanese superior AA weapons. Captured guns used by the Japanese. Thank you Simon. That the Japanese actually considered the 25mm to be one of their better AA guns should reveal the rather poor state of Japanese AA weapons during the war. Further gains in antiaircraft firepower were achieved by adding more and better directors for the guns. That the Japanese actually considered the 25mm to be one of their better AA guns should reveal the rather poor state of Japanese AA weapons during the war. The Bofors is still widely used by armies and navies today, as are the descendants of the Oerlikon. I did a "round-the-block" and found a place to park by the side of the road. batteries the few remaining 3"/23 were replaced by the 3"/50, and where possible the 5"/25 by the 5"/38 twin. The 37mm had become their standard anti-tank guns with 40mm and 90mm becoming their preferred anti-aircraft guns. The Type 96 was most notable for its ability to be mounted in single, dual, or triple gun mounts. Thank you Joe. Add to Basket. Moderator: Sergeant. £2.20. This wall of fire was in principle impassable, but exactly 10 days after her commissioning, her crew still testing all systems, she was spotted and torpedoed during her first and only shakedown trip off the Japanese coast by the submarine USS Archerfish, launching a full salvo. Terrific paint-jobs, Clint on two wonderful-looking AA guns. I felt very lucky that day. For starters I am completely astounded by the Japanese lack of using army/plane guns in the naval role. Moderators: Sergeant, Gordak, CPL. Or are they wholly inferior to guns? 17. The M2 90mm Anti-Aircraft (AA) gun with the M9 Gun Director receiving information from a SCR-584 microwave radar, firing VT fused shells. This seems improbably long for this weapon - for comparison, the much more powerful 40 mm/60 Bofors had a max range closer to 11,400 yards (10,000 m). The Type 98 20 mm AA machine cannon was the most common automatic light anti-aircraft cannon used by the Japanese in World War II. New : Japanese Type 98 AA Gun. View in Store. Picked these up on eBay for £3.30 instead of the shop price of £8.10. Japan was the last major combatant to adapt radar to its ships. A US Navy evaluation of Japanese AA fire in mid-1944 was that medium-calibre guns were being used for barrage rather than aimed fire. Kamikaze – Japanese suicide weapons. The director also controlled a fuse setter fortimed shells that set the shell to detonate just before the estimatedmoment of closest approach. 127 mm/54 Compact (Italian) Kongô (1990) and Takanami classes. Improve … August 18 Radio news of the enemy mentioned our action. I want contained magazines for the shells rather then being in the open. Pinterest. The best Japanese AAA gun of World War II, whose characteristics can only be described as "superb." Muzzle Velocity: 2953 ft/s: Max. WW2 Japanese tanks and armored cars. Attempt to strap electric motors with manual redundant cranks to them to the bigger guns. 7.5cm Krupp with rubber tyres. There were two versions of the gun barrel. This is a complete list of weapons deployed on Japanese combat aircraft during the Second World War Army aircraft Machine guns. It was commonly mounted on naval vessels in addition to being used as towed artillery on the battlefield. The Japanese military regarded death in battle as the ultimate way to serve their Emperor. Tuesday, 22 Dec DVOR: KA-BAR Original Fixed Blade Tactical Knife - $65 (Normally $89) Palmetto State Armory: Stevens/Savage Model 301 Turkey 20GA Shotgun, Realtree Timber Camo - $200 + Free Shipping (Normally $250) DVOR: InForce WMLx 800 Lumen Weapon Mounted Light - $109 … Twitter. The US, on the other hand, used a variety of automatic AA guns, most notably the 20mm Oerlikon and the 40mm Bofors. GOOD FILM - Flug(zeug)abwehrkanone air defense gun; anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) of the German army used in an anti -tank role When the war started to turn against Japan, the use of suicide weapons became a natural extension of this ethos – and a symbol of their desperation. I will be doing more this week though just to give the Japanese a few more options. Seller: David Condon, Inc. Area Code: 540 . The AA was modernized by removing the old 3-in, replaced by two 40mm Vickers AA guns. Anti aircraft defense in Japan during world war two NHK wartime documentary in Japanese language. The US, on the other hand, used a variety of automatic AA guns, most notably the 20mm Oerlikon and the 40mm Bofors. Anti-aircraft guns are weapons designed to attack aircraft. TYPE 88 ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN . Having realized the threat in 1943, Japan developed the Type 5 antiaircraft gun, which was a bigger variant of the Type 3, the largest Japanese antiaircraft gun then available. The Type 96 had … Get a taste for what the Greatest Generation had to deal with. Type 99 Long … The Type 96 25mm Gun (九六式二十五粍高角機銃, Kyūroku-shiki nijyūgo-miri Kōkakukijū) was an automatic cannon used by the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. Japanese Kamikaze planes had become the principal threat to U.S. destroyers and there were few Japanese … i.e:- if you buy more than one set each set can have varied facial expresions and headgear. They'll look great on the battlefield :-). Of the bunch, the Japanese ones interest me the most, are rockets a viable AA wepaon in WW2, if developed right with the right characteristics? A locally-built variant of the French Hotchkiss 25mm anti-aircraft gun, it was designed as a dual-purpose weapon for use against armored vehicles and aircraft, but was primarily used as an anti-aircraft gun in fixed mounts with one to three guns. Dec 29, 2014 - Explore Adam Rea's board "best weapons of ww2" on Pinterest. The main variant used by the Allies during World War IIwas designated the QF Mark III Army which was developed by the British from Polish improvements to the platform. TYPE 94 37mm RAPID FIRE GUN. Elevation +85/-10 degrees: Max. Production reached 1,200 guns per month late in 1944. In 1942 the Japanese introduced an improved anti-tank gun in the shape of type 1 47mm, but there were never enough of them and many units still had the 37mm. WhatsApp. I agree the pacific is not done all that often so it makes a nice change. The Type 10 or 12 cm/45 10th Year Type naval gun was a Japanese 120 mm calibre dual purpose anti-aircraft and coastal defense gun used during the Second World War.It was derived from the 12 cm/45 3rd Year Type naval gun.The Type 10 number was designated for the year the gun was accepted,the 10th year of Emperor Taishō's reign, 1927 in the Gregorian calendar. A critical element of any antiaircraft gun was its firecontrol. 238 39. Practice shells were provided for training purposes. Sketch from US Naval Technical Mission to Japan report O-47(N)-1: Japanese Naval Guns and Mounts-Article 1, Mounts Under 18". I love these pieces, they look so inefffective and so unlike anything else. This is the main field gun of the Austro/Hungarian army in WW1. ThatZenoGuy . quads and twins. Thanks Lee. Flying Guns of World War II p.184, Mounted in the, List of Japanese military equipment of World War II,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 January 2019, at 01:07. Below is a Japanese Type 98 anti-aircraft gun. Buy WWII JAPANESE TYPE 96 25MM AA/AT GUN ROUND-ORIGINAL: GunBroker is the largest seller of WW1 & WW2 Collectibles Collectibles & Militaria All: 887466072 TYPE 01 37mm ANTI-TANK GUN… TYPE 96 MACHINE CANNON. 88: 2,798: How cool would it be to augment the sound on your air soft g by 2nd Bat Dec 20, 2020 20:41:24 GMT -5: WWII Gun Reviews. Reddit. This addon adds WW2 weapons, units and dedicated equipment of US, UK, German, Italian, Japanese and Soviet Infantry. Sumida M.2593 AC (15mm) Options: Road or rail version . 25 mm machine gun shell. Everyone loves a bargain. AA Ceiling @ 85 degrees: 13,110 feet (4,000 m) Some of the references below credit this gun with a maximum range of 13,000 m (14,220 yards). Thank you Simon I was VERY lucky to get them cheap on eBay. In North Korea's formative years (1945-1949) it's army's weapons were entirely WWII vintage; a mixture of Japanese, Chinese, and Soviet types. It was the largest purpose built anti-tank gun in Japanese service in WW2. Kamikaze – Japanese suicide weapons. Japanese TNA bursters were sensitive to shock and as a result Type 91 APC projectiles had about 1/3 to 1/2 of the cavity filled with a shock-absorbing liner as can be seen in this photograph. The Japanese 47mm Type 1 (Model-1941) Anti-Tank Gun was produced by Osaka Army Arsenal. While driving through Bremerton, Washington this past weekend, I noticed a couple of old 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Guns in a tiny city park. | BRITISH … 0–9. Murasame, Hatsuyuki, Asagiri, … So I think a bargain. Add to Basket. Smaller 20mm calibre weapons were supplemented by pintle-mounted machine guns of various types. (lkes than 1/2 price and they were still in their packet.) They were usually deployed in single, double and triple mounts. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily the primary operator. In this form it is similar to the motorized version of Gun Type Two A used during the Spanish Civil War and by various Balkan countries. You can only have a limited number of synchronous guns and/or cannons firing through the propeller area. Reviews of airsoft guns. Add to Basket. November 18, 2016 . The Japanese transports were successful in evacuating 11,700 troops from the island. $850 "Kokura Type 99 Long 7.7 Japanese (R28092) GI#: 101531457 "Kokura Type 99 Long 7.7 Japanese caliber rifle. But only a bargain if it is something you want. Such weapons commonly have a … It's pretty basic and has no other requirement, just to have some fun. Japanese planes attempt to halt the US Naval bombardment of Okinawa in late April 1945. Japanese antiaircraft guns and fighters were not up to the task of shooting down the B-29s, which often flew higher than Japanese defenses could reach. I love it when things turn up like that :-). (1,000 kg) and in WW2, the APC Type 91 of 2,249 lbs. Post Feb 05, 2019 #1 2019-02-05T01:13. machine gun were the first to go. 5"/54 Mark 42 (USA) Haruna, Shirane, Takatsuki, Tachikaze and Hatakaze classes. Gun Type Two E . The AAA battalions were organized as either gun (equipped with the M1 90mm AA gun) or automatic weapons (equipped initially with a U.S.-designed M1 37mm gun, but later almost wholly re-equipped with the famous M1 40mm Bofors-designed gun, and with the M51 or M55 quad-mount .50-caliber machine gun). (15mm scale Japanese WW2). I am happy it happened at all. The following is a list of Japanese military equipment of World War II which includes artillery, … Guns of 20mm to 40mm calibres had caused three times as many casualties as those … ThatZenoGuy. The 1.1" guns were removed and the typical Fletcher class AA armament later in the war became five twin 40mm Bofors mounts and seven 20mm guns. Between 1946-1950, the North Koreans integrated them in a tactical-level AA asset. Officers were on duty with those soldiers.) Thank you Millsy.I am sure they will look good on the table top. The second part of episode about Carriers and related stuff! 37mm anti-tank guns were found to be useless against allied medium tanks and due to this AP ammunition was developed for all gun types. IJA Type88 AA (15mm) £2.20. In December 1941, the IJN aligned arguably one of the most impressive force of destroyers of any navy, in quantity as well as in quality. Like most other nations, Japanese gun designs ranged in quality from superb (their 100mm DP being a shining example), down through the mediocre (sadly, Yamato's 18.1" guns must be counted as such) and some which were barely serviceable (including most of their automatic AA weapons.) (*1 Regimental-gun was on the bow of the transport, and 2 Antitank-guns on the port for AA and Antisubmarine guns. Heavy antiaircraft guns had complicated directors, oftenseparate from the gun itself, that calculated the proper lead so thatthe shell and its target would arrive at the same point in space at thesame moment in time. A place for me to post ideas I come with on the topic of improving Japan's historical AA weaponry in WW2. The heavy class was dominated by the excellent 3.7in with the … E-Mail. Weapons such as hand grenades … ThatZenoGuy, Oct 10, 2017 #1. Does not cover the entirety of WW2 but probably good enough as a starting point. Both lead calculation and fuse settingrequired an accurate estimate of the range to the target… Atago remained based out of Truk through July 1943, when she returned to Yokosuka Naval Arsenal for her third modernization and refit, which added two triple-mount Type 96 25 mm (0.98 in) anti-aircraft guns . Gun Type Two D . (1,020 kg), Common Type 0 HE of 2,069 lbs. These guns were generally similar to the larger Japanese 25 mm/60 AA MG. I've always likes you basing style. singles, and the I'M quads by 40-mm. Anti Aircraft guns Now I must admit I have had a bit of a splurge in the last few weeks.