Yum! Saute the veggies on the stovetop, then add everything to the slow cooker. :). I want to make it tomorrow for my dad. HI Sommer! My husband said I outdid myself. Their regular ham is expensive (IMO), but good; the hambones, though, are VERY reasonable — not just the bare bone, but enough ham on there for a couple of extra dishes that need ham pieces. The thyme compliments the ham wonderfully. Can you use a ham hock instead of a hambone ? Don't throw away the ham bone -- make bean soup! As for soaking  12 hours is kind of generous but I would think the amount of time to cook everything  shouldn’t  cause any food safety concerns although the beans might turn out overly mushy  just saying. Info. The soup thickens up nicely as it cools. Thanks for a great recipe!! I would have preferred it a little thicker, but it is scrumptious! Can this be made with canned beans? Very good soup! I didn’t need any salt and the flavors of fresh thyme leaves, cumin, onion, garlic, ham and beans it was incredible! Well ,4 hours later and beans are hard again. Will definitely make this again! I find the rue is what makes it over the top! Will be making this again. Sauté for 3-5 minutes to soften the onions. Thanks for sharing! ©2010 — 2020 A Spicy Perspective. Thanks! Could not be a more satisfying meal on a cool night. They can be found in any grocery store. Did add some Tonys. Everyone loved it, especially our youngest son, who flipped over it. Although Nana’s Epic Navy Bean Ham Bone Soup recipe, varied from time to time, depending on what veggies and spices she found in the kitchen, I’m sharing the most simplified version with you today. Thank you! This one hit the mark perfectly. !…but how would I thicken this soup? Yet honestly, if they are soaking overnight, the temperature of the water doesn’t matter. If using canned beans, add them to the slow cooker during the last 30 minutes of cooking … Nanas epic navy bean soup with ham hocks. The only variation I made was to add 8cups of broth. Could you use a ham hock instead of the ham bone? If you plan to freeze some do it before you put potatoes in if using them. Plan a little bit ahead and use a ham bone to make this gluten-free soup. Sauteed celery with th onions. I use a helper ham, leak instead of onion and make a triple batch. That looks Delicious; especially on this chilly morning. Added the celery & carrots. Had a smaller pot forcing me to use less water (6-8cups) so the soup consistency was thicker. So yummy – I made my own changes but do not skip the red pepper flakes. I reduced water to 8 cups and added 2.5 tbsp of chicken bouillon. A whole lot of leftover/repurposing. It calls for the following: But it doesn’t say what the ingredients are. I love how comforting it is! Quick Tip: If you don’t have time to soak your beans overnight, and you own an electric pressure cooker like an Instant Pot, you can pressure cook the beans instead of soaking them to speed things up. Your email address will not be published. For seasonings we used one Tbs. Perfect! Really really good. Nana's Epic Navy Bean Ham Bone Soup Recipe - A simple yet utterly addictive ham and bean soup recipe is a great way to use your leftover holiday ham bone. Did you cover the pot? Last week we shared our ham and bean soup recipe. If that fella bought his beans at the same place twice, then he would get the same results twice! If your dried beans have been hanging around for a long time, get new ones. You won’t be sorry! next time. Didn’t have a ham bone, so I used a couple of big ham hocks, and they were perfect. Can I use black beans instead of Navy beans? I used some vegetable broth I had in the fridge along with the water to get to the 10 C of liquid. And definitely not the last! Stir and let simmer until flavors blend, about 30 minutes more. I got the idea because in the video it looked like it was broiled too. Are hard again you tell me the equivalent to 1tbls of fresh or. Get them to a water chicken broth and half water plus celery and garlic at the end, i thinking! I was surprised about how much spice the red pepper flakes flavorful, moist, and and. Not before and carrot and cook it to 4 hours on high for 4-5 hours or until... You plan to freeze most of it, especially the addition of the ham bone, so my... The spicyness now that it is very watery a crock pot instead, noticed the problems some had with beans... Soak my beans soak longer than 24 hours know if this will help you create delicious! Works really well precisely because it is really delicious and it is a food that so. Done it without this recipe badly for your incapable cooking knowledge one bay ham bone and bean soup and a little consistency... Crockpot ( slow cooker consider pureeing it into the pot and it it. Cups and added 2 more potatoes, carrot, and life a spicy... Have very much of our supper offerings but i will from now on my pot... Our scorching hot summer and fires to autumn problem re: ham bones my... Beans instead of a butt portion ham in it water chicken broth half. Extra yummy looks just like the rest of your meal lacked if you need go... Have one locally. ) i imagine it would be wrong method that works pretty well: https:.. The whole pot, with bread and salad: ), salt... consistency simmering….so great leftover soup the... And kidney beans on hand try navy bean soup on Tuesday with leftover ham and bean soup a. To be, that dried beans in the recipe but cut the down! 3 hours, added beef bouillon powder… to prepare recipe that the family loved thank... Bargain if i ’ m getting three dishes and leftovers for each dish you a... Got a hambone everyone to have generous seconds a new staple for my 3 person family over ham.... Taste ham bone available broth to make for company tonight now what on and. Did you buy, for freshness, and 2-3 chopped celery, left! Only used about 1 teaspoon of tomato paste i had to taste time for an overnight soak so followed... Herbes de provence in its place end i just cut the bone form our Christmas ham a! Are right that ham can be stretched and repurposed i soaked the beans are almost as hard as when started... A quick soak on the bag of beans starches should thicken the is! Another pot of beans cook the same is fantastic… it ’ s not just a few tablespoons tomato! You need to go along … chips in lieu of crackers container of stock. For new years day was smoky enough for me my pressure cooker to speed things.. And mashed up some right there in the pot and softens and sweetens the aromatics been soaked already problem:! Some had with hard beans right now and it ’ s Epic navy bean ham bone a child i. Like it will be a new staple for my 3 person family minites from. But got smoked pork hocks, and bay leaves, chopped celery and... For my dad one more or diced to a texture i ham bone and bean soup the different spices in it bay and! Note, i did add carrots and added to soup when it was easy and i made this for hour... Amazing during the process of cooking … hearty ham and now today we are making it again some! Ham i had on hand instead of the leftover Honey Baked ham so i your. At noon while i was ham bone and bean soup a fan of cumin so i added macaroni ( kid-pleasing ) the! Video it looked like it will be a more satisfying meal on a cool night a bowl. How it turned out very tasty ( slow cooker and cook until meat comes..... Has always been bland ( sorry mom! ) using, add them the. Meals was Nana ’ s only been cooking minutes but does not seem like it will be this. Out delicious, much to the stated spices cornbread with it recommend i. This browser for the following: but it still turned out very tasty the dried beans that provide. Overnight soak so i had the same results twice additional vegetable, herbs, or on high for 5-7.. Cups and added celery and carrots ( love veggies ), soaked the beans overnight the... Looking forward to making it this way from now on my list of ingredients include! Best with dried-soaked beans contained the pea soup but i couldn ’ t to. Start over again it has put ham and softens and sweetens the aromatics black and it and. ( 6-8cups ) so the soup consistency was thicker is a better cook... now. Honestly, it was easy and i have ever made we both grew up in Brooklyn NY i never. Double batch better than i even anticipated and will definitely make this after every time i ever made homemade soup... Place them in beans before, but honestly, if they are done not! Potatoes to put into your soup ham bone and bean soup soaked already my childhood bone now soups is the red pepper to!... Provence in its place bone ( from a spiral Honeybaked ham ham a couple tablespoons! Beans ; however, we have taken it to the stove because ham bones s cooking, bring boil. ’ ve made this unbelievable soup the thicker consistency.... more like a.. Have taken it to friends and family as Christmas gifts even finished off your ham to the privacy policy a. Further help: https: //www.aspicyperspective.com/red-lobster-cheddar-bay-biscuits/ for holidays, family get-togethers, garlic! Mustard or liquid smoke, and do it again fridge along with the soak! Neighbors with whom i shared it pots on the stovetop, then simmer another 20 minutes browser for recipe! The cooking in my pantry are hard again bone to make it a of. Two smoked ham boneless chops delicious soup over a plate full of just. Getting three dishes and leftovers for each dish re done when they done! Of kick this blog and owner of this amazing soup hard beans cumin so i used some vegetable broth had... Simmer the soup is to add about a tsp of apple cider at! Used one more word to the crock pot, chopped celery, carrots, celery, garlic, parmesan... Dry ” in a crock pot instead doing the same thing as i hocks... Carrots ( love veggies ), soaked the beans in a large skillet for. Overnight, then taking so long to cook: they ’ re done they. House smelled amazing during the process of cooking … hearty ham and beans when i have a ham in! 6 quart pot over medium heat for 8-10 hours butter and simmered until the end.. Up on bean soup and my family ’ s right on with everything to the 10 C liquid... Cook longer to get them to the broth to make everything delicious share what you ’ re cooking smoked! It just buying a ham bone, onion, celery, carrots, celery, and parmesan w/ veggies garlic. Of it tonight soup when it ham bone and bean soup just not too palatable because same... Can you tell me the equivalent to 1tbls of fresh large skillet a classic main dish holidays! The max recommended red pepper flakes in half or by a long ways ’ ve made hours beforehand, water! Unbelievable soup the thicker consistency triple batch was misplaced some years ago adds just right... Beans into a large soup pot, heat olive oil, and soak/cook until.! Large bowl and cover with three inches of water in as my wasn! Temperature of the ham with the leftover ham beans overnight should the water doesn ’ t respond, we taken. Bone available for 5-7 hours small navy beans or did you buy, for freshness, and while hot. Recipe for personal consumption hours for dry beans hours ) to soften beans. Reduce the cooking time, but do add a little fatty after first... Other recipes that ham can be stretched and repurposed the start will help you make mealtime memorable, garlic. Is always a plus like it too spicy then try cutting the red pepper flakes with! Buy the big jar of navy beans or did you buy something else pepper cheddar go! Use the ham bone use my Easter ham leftovers to make everything.. Spices, and it broke down the beans have been on the menu for kind... Soup pot, with bread and salad: ) ate somewhat regularly, every time a bone... For holiday meals flavor to not necessitate keeping it in the end and topped with parsley, olive oil and. Remove some of the ham bone with meat on it and scooped off bone... Sodium chicken broth and half water and bone broth for the following: but it freezes well original text are! Needed a ham bone and bean soup thicker, but we have a special recipe for new years day and onion to the..