Featured in so many social media platforms when it was first marketed, this snack became an instant hit. 1. HAITAI Honey Butter Chip 60g. 180 % Daily Values* Total Fat. 1. Neighbour Reviews. $15.90 Buy 2. Haitai Crispy Prawn. Buy Now. It is difficult to buy this Honey Butter Chip in Korea now. Justia Trademarks Categories Meats and processed foods HAITAI HONEY BUTTER CHIP - Trademark Details HAITAI HONEY BUTTER CHIP - Trademark Details Status: 700 - Registered Save HK$0.00 . These famous Calbee’s honey butter chips are a hot favourite for many who visit South Korea. Product Details Neighbour Reviews (0) Product Details. It is on a sweeter note as compared to the original Haitai Honey Butter Chip. $25.00 $12.50 each. Please select wisely because this item cannot be canceled nor refunded once purchased. Product code: 465043. 4.000g. Add to My Favourite. 5%. Free delivery in Germany on orders over 50€. Share. Home; Food; Confectionery & Snacks; Chips & Crisps; Haitai Calbee Honey Butter Chips 60g; Haitai Calbee Honey Butter Chips 60g. Quantity: FOB Price. Quick view. 0 0 items(s) SUBTOTAL. 13.00g. Self Pick-up. Free shipping for many products! 0%. Apr 14, 2020 - Manufacturer: Haitai Confectionery and Foods Co., Ltd. ULTRA POPULAR Snack in Korea! Can only be shipped within Canada.-+ ADD $3.85. 120mg. Delivery Methods. Related products-10%. Add to cart. Close. Japan. Each chips topped with honey, a savory and crunchy snack. Korean Style. Okf Caramel Macchiato. Close [Nongshim] Jagalchi 90g $ 14.00 $ 12.60-10%. Weight: 60g Flavour: 1. $9.25 HaiTai Honey Butter Chip 60g 8ea / Korean Potato Chips (8 bags) 4.6 out of 5 stars 177. Share. Haitai Honey Butter Chip. Quickview. Add to cart. Snacks & Chips. Latest. Honey Butter Chips (Haitai-Calbee) Fans of Korean pop culture will know that Korean Honey Butter Chips, are extremely popular and high in demand. Carton Drinks. Buy 12. Let's Try cokoyam Mom Recipe !!!!! India. Products by Country. SPECIAL OFFER - Don't miss the opportunity!!! Wasuka Wafer Roll Cheese Flavour . Add to Cart. Share; Tweet; Google+; Pinterest; No reward points for this product. Quick view . All Paks ship free to USA - Intl shipping available . Nutritional information for Haitai Honey Butter Chip . Haitai Shindangdong Teokbokki Snack (M) Haitai Roasted Onion. Add to Cart. $121.20 $10.10 each . 17%. 14.00g. Haitai Honey Butter Chips. Saturated Fat. HAITAI HAITAI HONEY BUTTER CHIPS 60G. Honey butter chips Barcode: 8801019609176 Certified as: Ingredients: Shipped from: South Korea Manufacturer: Available at the following stores: Weight: Serving size: Food Traces: Number of additives / E-numbers: – National Nutrition Category: unknown / unknown Nutrion Facts: Energy per 100g: Fat per 100g: Saturatedfat per 100g: Carbohydrates per 100g: Sugars per 100g: Fiber per 100g: […] Honey butter chips Barcode: 8801019606540 Certified as: Ingredients: Shipped from: France Manufacturer: Available at the following stores: Weight: 100 g Serving size: Food Traces: Number of additives / E-numbers: – National Nutrition Category: unknown / unknown Nutrion Facts: Energy per 100g: 711 Fat per 100g: 15 Saturatedfat per 100g: 1 Carbohydrates per 100g: 12 Sugars […] May 9, 2018 - Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Limited Calbee Honey Butter Cherry Blossom Potato Chips 60g Korean Snack at … South Korea . This product is currently sold out. Add to cart. Buy Haitai Honey Butter Chips Wedding Cake 60g with a great value at NikanKitchen. ADD TO LIST-+ ADD TO CART. France Gourmet Butter and Made of 100% Potato !!!!! Sugars. $17.52 Next page. 4.4 out of 5 stars 49. Haitai Honey Butter Chip. They′re sweet, buttery, salty, and crispy, all those favorites in one bag. HaiTai Honey Butter Chip (60g, 120g) Honey Butter Chip Made with Real Honey !!!!! These chips smell delicious as soon as you open the bag and have a buttery popcorn taste mixed with sweet honey that finishes off with a subtle potato chip taste! Haitai Honey Butter Potato Chip. Back in 2014, the yellow-coloured packagings were littered all over our social media. Haitai Honey Butter Chip Wedding Cake (RM6.90) Haitai Honey Butter Chip originates from South Korea. BIG DEAL (Feat. Encounter of sweet honey … 5%. 2.00g. Sodium. SPECIAL/DEALS. Nuts & Dried Fruit. Close [Crown] Jollypong 74g $ 15.00 $ 13.50-10%. Honey Butter (Best Before: Jan 2021) 2. Haitai Honey Butter Chip Wedding Cake A new limited-edition flavour by Haitai and Calbee, this honey butter potato chip is addictive and brings you to a new level of enjoyment. Includes 0.00g Added Sugars. 0%. Per 1/2 pack (g): 175 Calories | 12g Fat | 15g Carbohydrates | 0g Fiber | 0g Sugar | 2g Protein | 0mg Sodium | 0g Cholesterol | 0g Potassium. These weren’t bad but definitely not something that I would wait in line for over an hour. $4.00. GO TO CHECKOUT VIEW CART. HAITAI HONEY BUTTER CHIPS. 0mg. Haitai Honey Butter Chip New Korea Potato Snack (60g x 2) 4.0 out of 5 stars 152. 0.000g. Best Combination with Cheese Put Base Honey Butter Chip Layer on Dish for Microwave Add Mozzarella Cheese Another Honey Butter Chip Layer Cross Shape SNACK; INSTANT NOODLE Sweet honey is in! Specialty / Benefits. Honey Butter Chips. Calories. Allergy information: Milk, Soybean; Manufactured by Haitai Confectionery & Foods; Tags: Haitai Honey Butter Potato Chip. Get 20%* off your next purchase! To me, these chips tasted mostly like butter (not that butter is a bad thing) and had some saltiness and a hint of honey at the end. ADD $3.85 CAD. HONEY BUTTER POTATO CHIPS(MOCHA FLAVOR) 60G (0 Reviews) Volume: 12.88% Weight: 0.07KG. Close [Nongshim] Banana Kick 75g $ 13.00 $ 11.70-10%. Okf Sac's (Peach) Okf Caffe Latte. Vinamit Mix Fruit L. Vinamit Mix Fruit LWith the cautious selection of fresh fruits from organic standard farms in addition to the advanced technology, we are able to deli.. $6.20 . UAE First Asian Marketplace ALL CATEGORIES. … Protein. Apr 25, 2019 - Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Korean Snack HAITAI HONEY BUTTER CHIP MAPLE SYRUP 60g 2pack Special Edition at the best online prices at eBay! Korea. Other Products. Haitai Honey Butter Chips Honey butter chips from Korea made using real honey! PRE-ORDER; New Arrivals; Back In Stock; Korean Red Ginseng; Promotion. China. Crunchy, buttery, sweet and salty, there is a reason why this snack is so addictive. The whole world of Japanese and Korean cooking ingredients, fresh food ánd snacks over 9,000 authentic products directly from Japan and Korea Super fast delivery. *T&Cs apply. 1.00g. Facebook Email linkedin. Dietary Fiber. Honey ButterChip KRDSN09906 Honey Butter Chip Snacks Haitai Dry 8801019606540 16 60g 허니버터칩 . Okf Caffe Mocha. DescriptionIt's hot and rare chips in south korea!! 2. Ingredients. Then, we became fans of these chips and there’s just no way we will ever forget its … Halal. Buy Haitai Honey Butter Chips Wedding Cake 60g with a great value at NikanKitchen. 0%. Cholesterol. Quick view. 0 (0 Reviews) With Comments (0) With Photos (0) Score: High to Low. The chip is as light as it is flavourful so you would not likely how fast you are popping this crunchy goodness into your mouth. *The actual product package may vary from the images shown on the website* HAITAI Honey Butter Chip Small size 60g (2.11oz) With Real Honey Sweet salty unstoppable taste from Acacia Honey Made of Potato 100% Different, or better, taste than most potato chips French Gourmet Butter Over 12 hours fermented French Gourmet A smooth and sweet fried potato chip, originating from South Korea made from real honey. Trans Fat. Buy 1. Nutrition Facts. Haitai Honey Butter Potato ChipAllergy information: Milk, SoybeanManufactured by Haitai Confectionery & Foods 20%. Sales of “Honey Butter Chip” from Haetae Confectionery & Foods Co., South Korea’s second biggest confectionery firm, have gone through the roof since the product was released in August. X'mas special! Please fill in the form below if you'd like to be notified when it becomes available. Origin. Haitai Honey Tong Tong; Haitai Honey Butter Chip; Nongshim Honey mustard; I was fortunately enough to pick up a few packets of the Honey Tong Tong during my Korea trip in April and boy were they good! HK$15.90 -+ ADD TO CART. At some point, the popularity that followed this … Add to cart. #korea #korea food # kfood #korean #korean food #HAITAI #Honey Butter Chip #korea snack #korea sweets #korea chips HAITAI Honey Butter Chip is one of the most popular chips everyone wants to get their hands on, even Korean celebrities want them. Haitai-Calbee purposely limited the production of these chips so it will create more of a buzz for the consumers. K-snack is realatively high price in shipping fee due to its packaging. Don’t fret if you haven’t had the opportunity to try them! 0.0g. Sweet honey is in! Skyrocketing popularity of Honey Butter Chips! Serving Size: 1/2 pack (30 g) Amount Per Serving. 한국어; 한국어; 1004Gourmet.com. Associate & United Distributors . Okf Farmers-Aloe (Sugar Free) Okf Sparkling (Aloe Vera) Okf Sparking (Watermelon) Okf Musk Melon Drink . Pages with related products. Okf Cappuccino. Honey Butter Chips are being snatched up faster than they can be rolled out of factories. $28.58 Calbee Honey Butter Potato Chips 80g, 4 Pack. Ready-to-Eat. Share product with friends $10.90 $15.00. Add to cart. 1 reviews. Haitai Sweet Potato Snack. HAITAI Honey Butter Chip 60g / K-SNACK. Jinju Ham) SMART SHOPPER DEALS; Limited Stock Promotion; On Sale; Buy 1 Get 1 Free; K-Beauty On Sale; … Total Carbohydrate. Give $5.00 - Get $5.00 Give $5.00 - Get $5.00. Quick view. 3. Malaysia. [Haitai] Honey Butter Chip 60g quantity. Great for a delicious snack on any occasion! ADD TO LIST.