Discover the best exercises for fractured vertebrae for optimal healing. Stretching the back can help bring space between the vertebrae to offer pain relief. Repeat this ten to 15 times per leg. You may place the forehead on a rolled-up hand towel for comfort. Shoulder and Upper Back Stretch. In seniors, it’s typical to have a hunched over upper back that is caused by the degradation of the thoracic disk as well a weak upper back musculature. If you can’t make your way to the gym for an upper back workout, don’t stress. 15 spinal stenosis exercises 1. This exercise will help strengthen the muscles in your upper back and shoulders. A resistance band and pair of dumbbells allows you to do a variety of upper back exercises to shred your muscles. You lie on your back with your hands behind your head. Lower Back Stretch – The lower region of the back is usually the area that causes most seniors the largest grievances, and this exercise will help your lumbar muscles stay in top shape. Do you ever feel like you’re having a hard time standing up straight thanks to a stiff back? You can easily build up your upper back strength at home with little to no equipment. Over time, it can become hard to stand up straight, since the muscles are so used to being in a hunched position. Physical therapy for a broken back will strengthen your core and decrease pain. 10 of the Best Upper Back Exercises You Can Do at Home. Lie on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Try a few basic exercises to stretch and strengthen your back and supporting muscles. Make sure you maintain good posture for the duration of the exercise. The prone cobra is an advanced back extension exercise that targets your upper back muscles: Lie on the floor face down. Sit in a chair placing the feet on ground at a width of shoulders. 2. Keep shoulders down and away from ears. Stand behind a chair. Breathe deeply and hold this position for 30 seconds. This is most likely due to sitting, which can make your shoulders and upper back round forward. Back flexion. Take the arms out and up in front at the height of shoulders with palms facing outwards. The back of hands should be pressed together. Do you want to prevent back pain? Hold that position for one second, then gently bring your leg back down. This is one of the exercises for seniors that helps in relieving tension in upper back and shoulders. Previous Next 1 of 8 Back exercises in 15 minutes a day. This strength training exercise for seniors makes your bottom and your lower back stronger. Inhale deeply, then on an exhale, bring your knees into your chest and wrap your arms around them. Place the arms at the side, palms down on the floor; Pinch the shoulder blades together and lift the hands off the floor. Upper Back. Unlike the lower back, the upper back is an often-overlooked part of the body when it comes to exercise, but for seniors, this is an important part of the body to work – particularly if you spend most of the day sitting.. A strong upper back can promote better posture and help prevent back pain. This core exercise for seniors is a little more challenging than some of the others. Repeat each exercise a few times, then increase the number of repetitions as the exercise gets easier. Slowly lift your right leg straight back – don’t bend your knees or point your toes.