no photos have been added for Smith Lake yet. $135. This is not difficult rock climbing, but you should be extra careful. $125. Reading Time: 7 minutes Green River Lakes Campground is over an hour from Pinedale, Wyoming, on a dirt road, and features semi-improved camping locations both for reservation and for first-come, first serve. And from Cook Lake, you can scramble to a small unnamed lake before continuing to Mendarrin Lake through forest and rock fields. Request a few more Visitor Guides, or complete the form below to receive your guides by mail. After taking in the great views, return to the Smith Lake trail, where you may continue 1.5 miles to Smith Lake, 2.5 miles to Middle Lake or 3.5 miles to Cathedral Lake. Though its neighbor, Colorado, takes up most of the outdoor attention in the central western United States, the Wind River Range offers a fair share of notable outdoor attractions in its own right. (Add 1 hour to scramble to Upper Cathedral or Mendarrin lakes). As you begin to descend, you'll see a meadow to your left, which is bisected by Smith Lake Creek. Trailforks scans users ridelogs to determine the most popular direction each trail is ridden. Find out what makes Wyoming's East Fork Wind River unique, and how instream flow protection will keep it that way. Rock Springs. Hiking Smith Lake Basin in the Wind River Range. $60. Trail Lake Trailhead 227. $55. See evidence of Yellowstone's 1988 fires on a hike that starts and ends just south of Rustic Falls near Mammoth. This includes driving across Wind River Reservation to access Dickinson Park on the Shoshone National Forest via Trout Creek and Moccasin Lake Roads. Think of this as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy = warmer colors. Request this Free Visitor GuideRequested! However, note that typically, until late in the summer, water in Smith Lake Creek runs high. The Wind River Range is the highest range in the Laramide region with a maximum elevation of 4207m at Gannett Peak (Figure 1). Bears Ears Mountain is a mountain located in the southern Wind River Range in the U.S. state of Wyoming. Backpacking & Hiking All Over The Planet. The timing of exhumation of the Wind River Range … Pinedale. Because of this road-less designation, many trails, such as this one, require a full day's hike to access. Provided you don't fish the lakes or take any extended breaks, this can be done in long day. After lolly-gagging through the forest for about a mile and a half, you'll climb a small knoll. The Wind River Range is one of the best backpacking + climbing wildernesses in the lower 48. Visitors can enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities throughout the entire year. It's just a short climb up some rocks the size of sport utility vehicles. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. Wind River Gallery. Upper Cathedral Lake is a good extended hike and involves scrambling below the steep southeast buttress of Cathedral Peak and up a rocky draw for another mile or two. Moccasin Lake. But first, regardless of your plans, there's an excellent side trip that can be taken from this area. The Winds have a north to south orientation and are roughly 100 miles in length and in some areas over 30 miles wide. The Skinny:To get to the trailhead: From Lander, head 14 miles north on Highway 287 to Fort Washakie and hang a left on Trout Creek Road (directly past Hines General Store.) Popo Agie Wilderness in the Wind River Range. Done. This could be the single most important piece of information contained in this article. Smith Rock Montana Glacier Wyoming Grand Teton Wind River Range ... Kings Canyon Yosemite Utah Southwest Canada Canadian Rockies. . A map showing Yellowstone's geyser basins including the Upper Geyser Basin with Old Faithful and Morning Glory Pool, and nearby Grand Prismatic. So, instead of tackling this clump head-on, you'll need to back-track down the trail just about 100 paces to where you'll see three huge building-size rocks jutting out of the forest to the north (at your left). The goal of the WRRT is to traverse the entirety of the Wind River Range in the most scenic and spectacular way possible. Three summers ago, in mid-July, the water was waist-deep near this junction, which made getting to High Meadow Lake a little more challenging. See an incredible waterfall and two geysers along this hike starting near the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring off the Grand Loop Road. no videos have been added for Smith Lake yet. $125. If you're not comfortable with this type of scrambling and you can't find another way to get to the top turn around and catch other great views from the trail. South Pass CDT . Stay right and continue on the Smith Lake trail. The intended direction a trail should be ridden. Difficulty: Easy; "1" on a scale of 1 to 5. © 2020 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bears Ears Mountain is situated 2 miles north of Smith Lake. The top of this unnamed rocky hill is flat on the top, leaving you plenty of room to sit and have a picnic while taking in the gorgeous views. Notice the big rocks that lie scattered about you as if they had fallen from the sky. HELP: Wind River Range, Baker Lake to Green River Lakes: Trip Planning: 6: Jun 6, 2020: Two kids and the Red River Gorge: Backpacking: 7: Apr 26, 2020: T: Grizzly bears in Wind River Mountains: Noobs: Introduce yourself! Fishing Wind River Country Wind River Country sports some of the best fishing in 43,000 acres of lakes and reservoirs and nearly 2,000 miles of streams fed by mountain snow melt. So now that you have that mosquito repellant. It’s important to remember that while Yellowstone National Park is beautiful, it’s also dangerous. Posted by 16 days ago. There, you'll see a tall "clump" of rocks that form a small, unnamed mountain that's just 10,322 feet tall. An extra bonus is that much of the trail is shaded. If the water is high, I say, forget about Smith Lake Creek altogether. Dickinson Park/Smith Lake TH/Diamond 4 Ranch. In fact, the biggest bull moose we've ever seen was in this meadow. Instead, either continue on the Smith Lake Trail or call it a good hike and turn around. After the trail levels for a short bit, you'll enter the Popo Agie Wilderness. You'll also scramble over some deadfall timber. 7. From here, the trail gently switchbacks up through coniferous forest. I recommend you climb this clump. This is perhaps the easiest hike there is in the southern Wind River Range. Eight lakes, including Mendarrin, Upper Cathedral, Cathedral, Middle, Smith, Cook, Cloverleaf and an unnamed lake occupy these cirques and compose the Smith Lake Basin. (We got a closer look at the big lady one morning when she walked through our camp!). If you get to the trailhead and realize you didn't bring any, turn the car around and go get some. Excerpted from Tom Carter's Day Hiking Yellowstone Park. Rawlins. The Wind River Range (the "Winds") is contained within a 100 mile by 30 mile wilderness (road-less) area. For any of you looking for just a small hike that provides big views, any of these lookout views is an ideal spot for a picnic and turnaround point. $69. In a few paces, you'll reach the woods, where there's a signed junction. 326 views 37 Glacier Trail-Trail Lake Trailhead to Dinwoody Glacier 229. Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine which trails are ridden the most in the last 9 months. Among the Winds unrelenting height, contain seven of the ten largest glaciers in the Rocky Mountains, as well as more than 2.25 million acres of public land. Summer flash floods and high water can prove perilous. High Meadow Lake is about four miles down the trail to the left. Hiking Smith Lake Basin in the Wind River Range. Very few places pack such a punch in one day. Northern Utah Bear Lake Valley lies on the border of Utah and Idaho, and is home to the "Caribbean of the Rockies", or Bear Lake. Smith Lake is a 7 mile blue singletrack trail located near Lander Wyoming. The Wind River begins in the spectacular Absaroka mountains near Togwotee Pass and the northern edge of the Wind River Range, just northwest of Dubois. Keep your eyes open here for moose. Currently, 500 miles of trail is what the budget allows for maintenance. Sleeping with your food in the Wind River Range. You're all set! Some of our favorite day hikes are: Stough Creek Basin, Smith, Middle and Cathedral Lakes, Island and Thumb lakes in Silas Canyon, Lake Louise, and anything on the Middle Fork Trail, which starts at Bruce’s Bridge at the end of Sinks Canyon, and takes us all the way to Wind River Peak. Trail Lake (Glacier Trail, Wind River High Route) Atlantic City/South Pass. The Wind River Range lies south of Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, and is home to some of America's best hiking and backpacking. Directly after Smith Lake, take a left on a trail that will take you to these destinations. Sometimes, even in mid-July, the water in the North Fork of the Popo Agie is running so high that this waterfall's roar can be heard. For hikers who are in great physical condition, a good long day hike would involve hiking to all eight lakes in the Smith Lake Basin before returning. Snowcapped mountains will begin "peeking" through the forest ahead of you. Smith Lake is a 11 km blue singletrack trail located near Lander Wyoming. The Teton Wildernes is one of the most notable in Wyoming for a few reasons. Christina/Louis Lake Come experience the vast expanses of the towering Wind River Range, the beauty of the region's 1,300 lakes, forests, rivers, wilderness, and wildlife. As the only undammed river in the lower 48 states, the Yellowstone River flows 692 miles through Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota. Take a left if you plan to go to High Meadow Lake or to Sanford Park. 35 Smith Lake Trail-Dickinson Park to Smith Lake 215. This is a popular access point to the The following is a great day hike, especially during early and mid-summer, when water still may be running high and snow still covers much of the high country near Yellowstone National Park. Trails are compared with nearby trails in the same city region with a possible 25 colour shades. $185. Do you want to see lakes, waterfalls, thermal features, or peaks? $22. Smith Lake Basin in Wyoming's Wind River Range is a Hiker's Haven Hike to several lakes in Yellowstone Country going through coniferous forests, wild flower meadows and … Time Required: 1.5 hours to get to a super lookout point providing awesome views of Wind River Peak and other peaks; 3 hours to get to Smith Lake; a little over 3 hours to go to Middle, Cloverleaf or Cook lakes; and about 3.5 hours to go to Cathedral Lake. Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine the last time a trail was ridden. A good flowing trail network will have most trails flowing in a single direction according to their intension. Although tempting, this is one place you may choose not to lean on a rock, though, as many of them are on a decline or near the edge of the vertical south face of this small, unnamed mountain. Wind River Range (Wyoming) Backpacking - June 2018 - YouTube Pete is an obsessed fly fisherman, but who wouldn't be a total trout nut if they lived up here? Gillman Peak will be directly opposite from you to the south and you'll see Smith Lake, Cloverleaf and Cook lakes, as well as Cathedral Peak and several snowcapped peaks whose foundations are silver, vertical cirques. This hike primary trail can be used both directions and has a hard overall physical rating. At just under three miles, you'll hike around the rocky base of Dishpan Butte, which rises about 1,000 feet above to the northwest. There are several lakes that make up this basin; Hiking to any one of them is relatively easy. Close. Smith Lake Basin in Wyoming's Wind River Range is a Hiker's Haven Hike to several lakes in Yellowstone Country going through coniferous forests, wild flower meadows and roaring waterfalls. Cook Lake Bridger Wilderness - Wind River Range, Wyoming. This high in the Wind River Range, there is no gentle fringe of trees, no sprigs of wildflowers to soften the sharp angles of the rocks, nothing but a … Try a day trip fishing or go for the elusive golden trout on an epic backcountry trip. This hike primary trail can be used both directions and has a hard overall physical rating. after leaving the Smith Lake/North Fork trailhead in Dickinson Park, you'll cross a wood bridge over a marshy area before ascending a short open section. The trail then temporarily leaves the forest and you arrive at a meadow and signed junction. We've seen a lot of moose here. ... Scott T. Smith. Soon after, you'll drop into an opening that features awesome views of Wind River Peak (13,192'), which is surrounded by other snow-capped peaks and many granite vertical walls. Distance: To Smith Creek Meadow: 4.5 miles; To Smith Lake: 5.5 miles; to Cloverleaf Lake: 6 miles; to Cook Lake: 6.5 miles; to Middle Lake: 6.5 miles; to Cathedral Lake: 7.5 miles; to High Meadow Lake: 8.5 miles; to Cliff Lake: 8.5 miles. As you stand at the signed junction at 4.5 miles, look directly north. Fishing Licenses Non-Resident Annual- $102 Non-Resident Daily […] If you plan to camp, there are good campsites near Smith and Middle lakes, but not at Cathedral Lake, where the terrain is mostly rocky. The Wind River Range is a remote hundred plus mile range, stretching through Wyoming along the crest of the Continental Divide. Hike to several lakes in Yellowstone Country going through coniferous forests, wild flower meadows and roaring waterfalls. It's really a sight. Start near Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone and end in Gardiner, Mont. Trail Lake TH/Glacier Trail. If you're not spending the night, return to the trailhead the way you came. We've seen elk in these trees on more than one occasion. For those looking for more, keep on hiking. Got a chance to visit the western fringes of the range in 1980 which was great but it only served to whet my appetite. Stretching over 100 miles along the Continental Divide, the Wind River Range in Wyoming is an oft-missed treasure trove for backcountry exploration. Once on top, the views are incredible. ... Hobbs Lake, Wind River Range, Mt Photo. Mt. Next, the trail begins to gradually climb through a narrow, rocky draw. Pictures from the Wind River Range to include Cirque of the Towers, Lonesome Lake, Titcomb Basin, Island Lake, Cook Lake, Elkhart Entrance and more! From the parking area, you'll see the trailhead and backcountry registration sign. Truly a magnificent mountain range, the Winds are Wyoming’s longest and highest. Worthen/Roaring Fork Trailhead/Brewer’s & Sheep Bridge. Use trail reports to comment on trail conditions. There's uphill, but it's hardly noticeable. Find your perfect day hike with our personalized guide. You'll thank me later. Stay left. The nameless lake sits at 11,400 feet in Wyoming's Fitzpatrick Wilderness, tight up against a ridge known as the Brown Cliffs. . Wind River High Route (Trail Lake - Bruce’s) $35. For those continuing up the rocky hill, expect to reach the uppermost point in about 30-60 minutes, depending on your fitness level. St. Lawrence Basin. At a little over 20 miles above Fort Washakie, be on the lookout for a sign right before you get to the Dickinson Creek Campground that says something like " North Fork Trailhead." Chevo will be to the left of the panoramic view. These sheer rock walls were carved thousands of years ago by receding glaciers and many of the rugged bowls are hung with permanent snow fields. Colors indicate trail is missing specified detail. Introduction-I’d dreamed of hiking and fishing in the Wind Rivers ever since reading a couple articles about the range in the late 70’s. Keep an eye to the upper left so that you only traverse as far to the right as necessary. $27. no reports have been added for Smith Lake yet. These mountains are intensely scenic, characterized by waterfalls, alpine lakes, massive granite spires, high mountain cirques, glaciers, and vast meadow systems. Jackson. I noticed that most routes follow the lower highline trail, or skip the many magnificent areas including Stough Creek Lakes, Deep Lake Cirque, Grave Lake Cirque, North Fork Cirque (on the Wind River Indian Reservation), the Brown Cliffs, Scott Lake, and Bear Basin. But for an effort that takes less than an hour, you'll be fairly rewarded with fantastic views from the top. As soon as you see one or all of these, leave the trail and start climbing up the hillside. It has incredible views of Squaretop Mountain, and many people use the Green River trailhead to hike the Wind River Range. Be sure to take a break along this section. No description for Smith Lake trail has been added yet! $45. Togwotte Pass CDT. - In the center of the view you're looking at is a waterfall. Fishing Wind River Canyon Near Thermopolis, Wyoming. 38 Lake Louise Trail-Trail Lake Trailhead to Lake Louise 237. 36 Bears Ears Trail-Dickinson Park to South Fork Little Wind River 220. No reviews yet, be the first to write a review or ask a question. Note: Remember to pack mosquito repellant. It is a very strenuous hike, and exposed, with several river crossings that wil… $86. Note: These are all good day hikes, some of them obviously longer than others. Excerpted from Tom Carter's Day Hiking Yellowstone Park. Dickinson Park/Smith Lake TH/ Diamond 4 Ranch. Once you get through the forested area, it's basically scrambling on rocks and some slab-like climbing. The range runs roughly NW–SE for approximately 100 mi (160 km). Hello everyone, I'm sure someone over here is familiar with Wind River Range hikes and could point me in the right direction. There are several variations, ranging from a short, three-hour roundtrip hike that affords awesome views with little effort to an extended nine-hour roundtrip hike that takes you to several lakes. Only a fraction of that is actually maintained because of a shrinking budget from the top of the ladder. Pinedale's great outdoors are unequaled. The Wind River Range in west central Wyoming is a classic example of Laramide-style basement block uplift. And, we saw the biggest cow moose we've ever seen in this same area. The Wind River Range(or "Winds" for short), is a mountain rangeof the Rocky Mountainsin western Wyomingin the United States. 39 Trail Lake … At the "Parting of the Waters", one can step foot in the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean at the same time (via headwaters along the Continential Divide!) The Loop Hike will take a solid 4 days for most people to accomplish, and enjoy the full experience. It has excellent small-stream fishing for brookies, rainbows, cutthroat, and brown trout. The Wind River Range is grossly underfunded for trail maintenance. Riverton. You want to stay to the right only until you can climb westward over the top of the rocky knoll. The only hike I recommend out of Green River, however, is Slide Lake. Also, try to use established campsites and follow the Leave No Trace principles - pack it in, pack it out. Dubois. Bear spray is also recommended, but my hike was bear free. The small town of Dubois sits on the northern fringe leaving Pinedale to the west and the larger town of Lander to the east. Submit one here. Another variation will take you to Cloverleaf or Cook lakes. Only experienced rock climbers can get to the top by climbing its south face. and the Teton Wilderness is where you'll find the most remote location (farthest from any road) of any place in the contiguous 48 states of the US- near Bridger Lake. It is our understanding the Eastern Shoshone and Araphoe Tribes own and maintain these access roads on the Wind River Reservation. If you do plan on camping, remember you're in the Popo Agie Wilderness, so stay at least 200 feet from the trail and any lakes, rivers or streams. Enjoy wildflowers such as stonecrop and bitterrroot here. There have also been black bear problems in the Big Sandy Lake area, Cirque of the Towers, Dickenson Park/Smith Lakes and the Golden Lakes area. All wind river range photographs ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. Otherwise, hikers in average shape could easily visit Smith and/or Middle lakes in a single day, provided you get an early start. $125. See what the climate was like in Yellowstone Country 50 million years ago and view the fascinating petrified trees in Yellowstone's world-class fossil forests.