Provides for maximum collectibility using 474 CP. In your crafting log, you will unlock a new Skybuilder recipe for each crafting class at levels 20, 40, 60, 70, and finally 80. Upon unlocking Ishgardian Restoration, Disciples of the Hand or the Land of level 20 or above may speak with Potkin in the Firmament (X:12.2 Y14.6) to have project-specific crafting recipes and gathering points added to their logs. Crafting recipes can only be viewed by Disciples of the Hand who have reached level 20. While the titles remain the same as those from Phase 1 of The Ishgardian Restoration, the achievements are distinct, and are defined as “Phase I” and “Phase II” depending on when they’re earned. Ishgard's restoration will be done in "phases" throughout Shadowbringers (with Phase 1 being the "Mendicant's Court"). Each crafting class has 5 different recipes at varying levels that they can craft to turn in for Skybuilders' Scrips.These items are automatically crafted as collectables as well, so don't worry if you forgot to turn on Collectable Synthesis.Items can be exchanged in the Firmament with Potkin. So yeah, expect the next phase to be available in Patch 5.2 … The restoration of Ishgard will continue in just under 2 weeks - Patch 5.2 has just been given a date for 18th Feb! With the current craziness of everybody gathering and crafting for Ishgardian Restoration (most of us just to get the Ufiti mount... needing 8400 scrips! Launched on 15 Nov 2019 Quantitative Gathering for Ishgardian Restoration by Caimie Tsukino Here we are at Patch 5.1! First Final Fantasy XIV Server Completes Ishgardian Restoration Phase 2 Giving Glimpse of Housing Ward. Ishgard Restoration phase 3 feedback thread I'm going to split it up into 4 sections, crafting, gathering, diadem and other. This second phase is relevant because upon completion it wraps up the construction of the New Nest, the first part of what has been teased to be the new housing ward in Ishgard… I mean, sweet Hell, these expert crafts are not for the meek. Final Fantasy XIV gave crafters an endgame of their own with the Ishgardian Restoration, and the Expert Crafting introduced in 5.21 kicks it up a notch.A large notch. Crafting: Let's start … FF14 5.2 - 5.21 level 80 Ishgard Restoration Crafting Rotation - 60 Durability, One Button. Patch 5.31 will also be introducing new Ishgardian Restoration rewards, which include a new outfit set and checkered parasols. Planning to get stuck into this again (but with my gatherer(s) this time) so will try & take some progress pics again for phase 2 ※2 This item grants the achievement “Phase III Minor Miracle” and the title “Beatus / Beata of the Firmament.” The titles awarded to top players, “Saint of the Firmament” and “Beatus / Beata of the Firmament” are the same as those awarded during the rankings held at the release of Patch 5.21.