I got a chance to install these yesterday and just thought I'd get back to you to let you know that they worked perfectly for me. OEM Bow and Tonneau Boat Covers. You also may have to hire someone to install it, which eats up your savings from purchasing online. I cut it with a jig-saw, but any fine-toothed saw would do. If I did it the other way, sides first front panels were off. We just ordered 5 more longer ones to completely update our canvas. I am telling my friends about this product. Make your own boat covers and save!They keep dust, snow, harsh rain, and other elemental factors away from your boat.If you do not protect your I can help narrow down your choices . It's an easy conversion you can accomplish yourself. Get your boat the cover made especially for it here at Great Lakes Skipper. As well as additional dry storage, a large narrow boat bow can provide a pleasant seating area to enjoy the scenery and spectacular sun sets and can also act as a porch. If everything checks out, go ahead and stitch the seams between the panels, pressing them flat on the inside and overcasting the raw edges if you’re using canvas. It's primarily how it is finished out that makes the difference. Tammy, Making your own frame for your boat's winter cover will save you money now and work at the beginning of fitting out season. Boat storage yards are expensive, while a regular cover will keep out rain, but it won't shed leaves or snow. Thanks for the crimper & tape - you made everything easy. If you do choose to install it yourself . Thank you so much for your quick response on our first order. Problems you may run into with the 1” webbing reinforcement: With the Boat Vent 3, you'll also receive the added bonus of air circulation. If possible, choose an opaque black tarp, to speed melting of piled-up snow. All rights reserved. Stack the three squares together and pin to the topside of the cover, above the stressed area. Only 8 left in stock - order soon. When they're held by a person that truly cares about her customers, brings honesty, creativity and passion to her work, you have just described Tammy Hampton. Elongated bows such as the wave-piercing bow, reverse or axe bow lengthen the waterline and make the angle of entry finer, decreasing the hull resistance of faster vessels and reducing pitching in a seaway. Are you thinking of buying a boat bow cover online or having one built at a custom canvas shop? However, I could see that I’d be able to use a 90mm width at the top and 45-50mm at the bottom. "True skill and craftsmanship are rare traits in today's society. could stop by your shop - sounds like a wonderful place! Great Lakes Boat Top has partnered with almost 30 boat manufacturers over their 50 year history (and still today) to make tonneau covers and dozens of other boat covers, tops and enclosures. Sam Longley uses soil pipe to protect his boat's bow from marina pontoons. • Made in Sunbrella Marine Acrylic - fabric of choice for today’s boaters! That's why winter covers are oversize and have a frame like a tent. If you look at the inside edge of these boat bow covers where the snaps are installed, you will see a reinforcement of 1” black webbing. As a result, the bow has become marked and chipped over the last few years, with unsightly repairs in a different colour to the gelcoat. The bow can easily be scratched, torn, and worse from bumping into docks, trailer hitches, and bow rollers, causing expensive damage to your boat. Remember, it isn't too hard to carry away a gas tank, battery or paddles from a boat left sitting on the drive or away at camp, but a secure cover might just be enough to make them pass by your boat. The hole cut through the cover for the Boat Vent 3 is larger than a grommet or snap. If cost is a factor, consider combining the concept of not covering your boat with the advantages of a fitted cover. When we tried to put the canvas together the force required to zipper the canvas together was making the canvas split on the seams or causing the zippers to tear, so we had to leave parts of the canvas unattached and every time it rained we would get water in the boat. If you find your boat needs a different amount of coverage, we recommend selecting a 2- or 4-bow Bimini Frame Kit. In addition, our snap-on covers can be altered to fit any type of custom framework and towers. To offer further protection, the underside is reinforced at each critical … In case you're able to find a boat bow cover from an online boat canvas manufacturer, I'll explain what to expect. These frequently tear. So then you think great, it's reinforced! The worn out webbing can be replaced at a custom shop, but it will probably cost as much as the cover did. Leave the rest uncovered. The boat cover was fitted with such precision, it clearly stood out from the others. 99 $24.14 $24.14 I removed the masking tape after trowelling the mastic and before it started to cure, which removed a slight excess of the mastic. EZ-Xtend Boat Track I am still grateful for that little tag on that sailboat cover I found nearly twenty years ago.". Here is a list of the items you will need: Please visit our custom boat cover tip page to see our 14 Tips To "Make Sure" you get the quality you are looking for. Being a single-handed sailor, and preferring pontoons to anchors, I do have a tendency to hit the bow against the pontoon if I cannot stop in time. Covers from big box stores can be a close fit to your boat, but they rarely fit just right.