Which do you love more: the cheesecake you buy or the one you make yourself?This particular make-or-buy comparison was brought to me by Kitchn reader Michael. It’s also a great way to network! I am now in the process of making an excel sheet. Most of us have our list of go-to recipes (like my vanilla cake recipe), and it’s actually pretty easy to calculate the cost with a little bit of leg work. I am asked constantly by family and friends and now other people to make them this cake I’ve never sold it but now that I’m not working I’m wondering what I should sell it for. Thanks for all the tips! But I enjoyed the read! Your blog and post have been so helpful to me in my journey . I just realize I’ve been watching your YouTube channel all this time lol. Thanks!!! I DIDN’T Just finished reading you post and am pleased that I had already created the spreadsheet for my wife. I want to highlight that this concept also applies to homemade cookies and cupcakes. your abilities overtime, you can increase your rate. You can get a read on prices in your area by reaching out to other custom bakers in your area. My 16 year old daughter wanted yo start selli g baked goods for the summer. I recommend using the formula I share to figure out what the right price for your cakes it <3. thought of paying myself for each cake I made seemed crazy. NOT AVAILABLE on SPECIALTY FLAVORS). I watched your video a year ago when thinking about transitioning to a home baker and it helped me because prior to, I was basically giving away cakes $25 or $30 for pound and layer cakes ?????. I‘ve been trying to do that for a while now? I’ve been following you for awhile now and have recently quit my job ( Monday ) . I recently been selling decorated cakes with buttercream and filling. All of the goodness listed above without the pecans. Welcome to JuniorsCheesecake.com. I constantly sell myself short and say I’m not as good as others etc. It tastes awesome and get stand hot weather. *Redeemable on a future visit 1/1/21 - 3/31/21 for one complimentary slice of cheesecake or layer cake. So, this vegan cheesecake is definitely not my first go when it comes to making vegan cheesecakes. Served on its own, drizzled with chocolate, or adorned with fresh summer fruit, you really can’t go wrong here. Hi Chelsea, I currently bake cakes and pastries. If I have spent 50,000 on equipments so how to add dis in the cake cost?? https://www.delish.com/cooking/nutrition/a29369129/vegan-cheesecake-recipe Some cakes will take longer than telling you that you’re too expensive, you’re probably not charging enough. We both bake but i take on the lead on decorating and settings. It’s actually quite amazing that such a simple ingredient list can have such great results. Since I feel i under price myself with the cake because im still a intermediate baker lol. My clients are mostly students or faculty as I’m in college,how do you think I should price my cakes . I’ve wanted to focus on things that I love doing and cake baking / decorating is one of them . I feel like I have a good concept for my home bakery but am struggling with 1) getting the word out there and 2) getting real customers, outside of friends and family. Our famous New York Cheesecake topped with glazed layers of kiwi, strawberries and blueberries!It's our giant cheesecake that serves 24 people! You put love in your cakes the same I do with mines which is why my customers come back. I’m also a self-taught patisserie. double the cake cost? I never required a deposit on my cakes, but I also usually had clients that were friends of friends or repeat customers. Strawberry cheesecake crunchies. I love your recipes! Thanks for this clarification. And that is where it gets hard. I know this is a ton of work, but it’s worth it. Back in 2016 (when I still sold my cakes), my average rate One of your loyal fans. Specialty Cheesecakes are available with 5 day advance notice. The Cheesecake Factory is a casual-chic restaurant chain serving classic American and fusion inspired dishes. I literally stumbled across your page because I googled how to price cakes. I want to thank you so much for this article. thank you for sharing ? I wanted to keep everything in ounces for my pricing. The cashews create the creamy base for this recipe.. Our cost of ingredients and overhead has increased over this time period. 1.75" round. Now the hard part. Hope that helps, happy baking! Keep up the great work! topper, or delicate sugar flowers, it should be built into the price. months) in advance to create a custom cake for someone special. I live in NY as well; I am a certified pastry cook, and a stay at home mom of 5. On two occasions, friends have asked me to cater to a wedding of 100 people. Cake Price = Labor (hours of estimated work x your This all just spoke to me and I can’t wait to stop ripping myself off. Home » Cake Pricing - How to Price your cakes. figuring your time at a low end of $20 an hour....and you can likely make 3 in an hour and a half....that's $70 for 3 cheese cakes...not counting gas, delivery and use of your equipment.....just costs with your timea t the minimum. Hi, thank you for this! But you don’t need to know how much a container of salt is. For the longest of time, I have been trying to make a good vegan cheesecake, one that is not frozen, not made with cashews and does not taste like a bitter disappointment. Hi Maria, you might want to try italian merengue as a frosting. The Cheesecakes Factory Bakery's original plain cheesecake baked to silky perfection on a sweet graham cracker crust. Sorry for the question marks, emojis don’t show directly. I appreciate all your info. Will definitely start refering them elsewhere when this starts to happen. indirect costs! sheet cake are not the same people who are reaching out to you weeks (or It can be so hard to shift your mindset, and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. I also have always been offering free delivery. I am new so I feel like I am slower at making them. For example, if you made 50 cakes last year, divide the yearly cost by 50 and add that to the price of each cake. Do you have any suggestions for this situation and what to sell to get people to come in for the custom cakes? Are you willing to share with me a template of your breakdown in pricing form? A costing sheet is easier to make that you think, and once it’s created, the file does all the hard work for you. One thing I have a question on is if you require a deposit to place a cake order ? So thank you so much. Your price should not be anywhere close to the price of a grocery store cake. Cake Pricing - How to Price your cakes. That part is a little harder, and is really only applicable for larger purchases like an oven! This way, you’ve truly included in all the costs you incur Np, I’m so happy you found it helpful Kristin! Lol I’m slowly learning to be bold and raise my prices with no confidence! 50% off), Making cakes for free, but only for immediate family members, Closely track the cost of your ingredients, Build additional costs (for cake boxes, special I love to bake and give things away. For instance, I measure baking powder by the teaspoon, and brown sugar by the cup. I think you need to charge more!! The issue for me is that I live in a small, dying town. I just need to figure out the best way to share it!! Anyone who complains isn’t your clientele…. I recently started a baking business from home and have been uneasy about charging top dollar for my goods. Stay tuned! 3 Containers of Tofu Cream Cheese (DO NOT Substitute) 1 Cup of raw cane sugar 1 teaspoon of Vanilla 1/2 of a Lemon 2 Graham Cracker Pie Shells or make your own Directions: Combine all of these ingredients into a bowl or Food Processor and blend until smooth. Your rate cake orders.